Spinning wheels have been in existence for around at least 4,000 years. They largely went out of use in the nineteenth century, when machinery took over. Those of you new to spinning need to learn how a spinning wheel works, otherwise it is very difficult to master anything than the simplest techniques and get the best out of your equipment.

On my spinning courses, I explain how a spinning wheel works, the adjustments that can be made to enable it spin the yarn you want and why different fibres require different spinning techniques. All my courses are designed individually for each customer, after discussing your needs. You will receive my full and undivided attention throughout, without interruption.

On longer courses, there will be a refreshment break, please bring your own snack. I will provide a drink, you can bring your own cup if you prefer.

Spinning Wheel
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Spinning a Yarn on Drop Spindle – 2 to 3 hours

Fibre preparation to achieve student’s yarn requirement. For example: spinning a yarn for knitting, crocheting, weaving or core yarn for wrapping process for an art project. Spinning two single yarns and plying them together to make a hank so that the yarn can be washed ready to use.

Course Fee – £50 for 2 hours, thereafter £25 per additional hour

Spinning a Yarn – 3 hours

You will learn to spin on a spinning wheel and how to card wool, spin and ply yarn.

This course is an ideal introduction to the craft and would be very useful if you were considering buying a spinning wheel.

Other course options might include: creating textures or fancy yarns; using exotic fibres such as silk, linen or alpaca; understanding why different spinning techniques are required when spinning long or short fibres. if you have your own fibres and want to know how to spin them, you are welcome to bring them along.

Course Fee £75

Spinning Wheel
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Spinning a Yarn – 5 hours

A longer course, covering fleece selection and preparation, carding, fibre blending, understanding the wheel, spinning, plying, yarn design and finishing the yarn.

This course is ideal if you are not local to Lyminge and have to travel, you keep sheep or other fibre bearing animals or have a wheel and need to get it working efficiently.

Spinning Wheel maintenance
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Course Fee £125

On each course, you will receive an Ideas/ Project book to add notes as you progress.