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Weaving Looms

These looms enable you to create cloth of every type and design. When ‘finished’ the cloth can be used in exactly the same way as manufactured cloth.

Finishing or fulling, is a process that increases the density of the cloth. Cloth can be done in a bathtub using lukewarm water. Lay the cloth in the bath and then walk on it. Turn the cloth constantly to ensure all areas are ‘fulled’. The cloth will shrink but once fulled will never shrink by the same amount again.

The cloth you make will be unique!
Its design, colour and texture is down to you.
These looms will give a lifetime of service.

Warp yarns, they run the length of the cloth, need to be strong and durable.
Weft yarns, they are woven from side to side, can be anything that takes your fancy. Either specialist yarns or yarns found in charity shops.

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