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Carding wool fibres should be no more difficult than brushing your hair. If the fibres are well carded, spinning becomes much easier.

  • The following tips will help.
  • Mark pairs of Hand Carders Left and Right (L R) and try always to use them in the correct hand.
  • Don’t try to card too much wool in one go. 3 or 4 staples at a time is quite enough.
  • Attach the staples on the long edge of a carder (spread them out to the full width) leaving the free ends hanging.
  • Brush out the hanging fibres.
  • When one end of the fibres are carded repeat the process for the uncarded ends.
  • When sufficiently carded roll the fibres into a rolag.
  • Using a Drum Carder
  • Don’t overload the Drum Carder with fibres.
  • Use washed fibres. (Unless you like cleaning drum carders)

Whichever method you use we recommend that longwool fibres should be combed rather than carded.

Our Craftlet on Hand Carding shows in detail the easy way to Hand Card.
Click here for the instructional video