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If you have an old Ashford wheel don’t worry, new standard bobbins still fit!
You need a minimum of 3 bobbins - 2 to spin the singles and 1 to ply the singles.
A handy tip is to use an old toothbrush - used to ‘sweep out’ a lost yarn end.
Always lay the yarn on the bobbin evenly - start at the furthest end and work towards you. This way you get a full bobbin and the yarn comes off easily when plying.


Unfortunately Haldane bobbins are no longer manufactured and are difficult to find.

Louet bobbins can be purchased direct from Louet.

Hand crafted wheel bobbins might have similar dimensions to the Ashford bobbins but more often they do not. If you are looking for bobbins for this type of wheel always take the flyer with you so you can check whether it will fit it.

Wheels purchased from antique shops are rarely working wheels. They are for show and often have bits missing or broken. Getting replacement parts means finding a good wood turner and they might charge for parts more than you paid for the wheel. Our advice is know how the spinning wheel works, and how to use it, before you part with any money.

We do occasionally get second hand bobbins so if you can bring your wheel or flyer to Hilltop we can see if we have some that fit.