Special Offer Equipment

I have renovated/refurbished the following equipment, which means I have replaced the vulnerable areas for example flexible joints, so that the equipment can be used again. I have also cleaned the equipment to make it shine and run smoothly.

Ashford Spinning Chair – dark stained wood. £75 New retail price £199. Collect only.

Secondhand HARRIS (made in Kent) 60cm/24″ wide 4 Shaft Table Loom with stand. Includes 8 dent standard reed (8 holes per 2.5cm/1″) Outer dimensions of framework – 82cm/32″ wide x 112cm/44″ high x 71cm/28″ long when erected). Stand folds down to 82cm/32″ long x 76cm/30″ wide). Includes shuttles, cross sticks and warp sticks. £450 Collect only.

Ashford Lace Flyer with one bobbin allows spinning 40 : 1 (40 rotations of Ashford Traditional spinning wheel to one revolution of small whorl) which allows the spinner to spin a very fine single yarn without the effort. £50 (This item can be posted to UK mainland address).

All the above are in working condition ready to use.

I also have refurbished 7 different model spinning wheels suitable for display purposes only. These model wheels have moving parts but do not spin yarn. The largest model is 41cm/16″ high. £15 each plus postage to UK mainland address.

If you are interested in any of the above items, please email me at: I can then send you the latest photos of equipment available.

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