Secondhand Equipment

I have renovated/refurbished the following equipment, which means I have replaced the vulnerable areas for example flexible joints, so that the equipment can be used again. I have also cleaned the equipment to make it shine and run smoothly:

Ashford Traditional Single Treadle Spinning Wheel – natural wood with 5 standard bobbins – Jumbo Flyer with 4 Jumbo stained wood bobbins with Lazy Kate £300 new retail price £691

Ashford Traveller Single Treadle Spinning Wheel – dark stained wood with 4 bobbins – £250. New retail price £545

Ashford Peacock Single Treadle Spinning Wheel – dark stained wood with 7 bobbins £100. No longer manufactured.

Ashford Spinning Chair – dark stained wood. £75 New retail price £199.

Ashford Drum Carder with carding brush to clean drum, doffing needle to remove carded fibre and one clamp £150 . New retail price £525

Ashford Lace Flyer with one bobbin allows spinning 40 : 1 (40 rotations of Ashford Traditional spinning wheel to one revolution of small whorl) which allows spinner to spin a very fine single yarn. £50

All the above are in working condition ready to use.

I also have refurbished 7 different model spinning wheels suitable for display purposes only. These model wheels have moving parts but do not spin yarn.

If you are interested in any of the above items, please email me at: I can then send you the latest photos of equipment available.

Something Different:

I have a E-MISSION Cycles Ltd – Electric Adult Tricycle 24″ wheels, that works without a battery but is in need of 3 new inner tubes as they have perished. A cycle made in the Netherlands but has a Maidstone, Kent agent.

A new battery will be required if you need the power. Black. Used once, in good condition. It will need to be collected in a large van or the wheels taken off. A community project for someone. Offers please.

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