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Fibres 18-Jun-2018

What kind of fibres can I spin?

Natural fibres like flax (linen) and cotton,  wool (from sheep), hair (from Llama, Alpaca, Horse, Human, Rabbit (Angora), goat (Cashmere, Angora), Yak and a wide range of manmade fibre.

Which is the easiest to spin?

We think a wool staple of 4 to 5 inch/ 10 to 13cm long. Wool, under a microscope, is scaly, see picture below.

Help 18-Jun-2018

Spinning Parts 18-Jun-2018


The key to success has been Ashford’s devotion to quality, reliability and durability. Only the best of materials are used. There is also a continual process of improvement and innovation in design, while retaining the aesthetic appeal of a graceful spinning wheel. The Ashford range of wheels allows spinners the ability to spin fine, bulky and novelty yarns from all types of fibre.

Web Links 18-Jun-2018

Google is great, so they tell us, but sometimes what you’re looking for is on page 756 so to make life a little easier we have listed a few web sites that we have found useful or interesting. Just click on the web address and you will be whisked away - don’t forget to come back though. If you can recommend a web site let us know and Sue will add it to the list..


BBC TV Programmes




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Tuition 14-Jun-2018

I have always wanted to learn how to SPIN, KNIT, WEAVE, DYE or make FELT

If these are craft skills that you want to learn then a ONE TO ONE course with Sue is the perfect answer.

Weaving 14-Jun-2018

Neith was a goddess of war and of hunting and had as her symbol, two crossed arrows over a shield. Her symbol also identified the

Complaints and Returns 14-Jun-2018

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"Sue offers a personal service and like to speak to our customers - please contact us to learn more"