Knitters Loom

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The Knitters Loom is a portable loom that folds up into a bag that enables you to weave on the loom and travel with work in progress.

The Knitters Loom works on the rigid heddle reed principle with a heddle that moves up and down to open alternate warp threads whilst taking the weft yarn from left to right in the shed/opening with a wooden shuttle.

The Knitters Loom is available in various widths namely:

30cm/12”  at £237  or 50cm/20”  at £271 and 70cm/28” at £322

The Knitters Loom price includes:

Carry bag which is able to take the extra accessories required when weaving.

7.5dpi reed/heddle (dpi definition = holes and slots within a one inch or 2.5cm area within the reed).  7.5dpi will take double knitted yarn diameter which is a good way to begin weaving.

2 x wooden shuttles – that take the yarn from left to right.

Step by step instruction leaflet which gets you weaving.

Threading hook

Warping peg and 2 clamps.

Built-in second heddle option.

The Knitters Loom comes in flat pack but assembled ready to weave and the wood is lacquered.

All YOU need to begin is a good warp yarn that is preferably created from natural fibres such as wool or cotton.  A warp yarn is the main carrier for the length of the project being woven that has to go through both the hole and slot of the reed.  The thicker the warp yarn, the thicker the fabric made.  The finer the warp yarn, the thinner the fabric made.  Other reeds are available see below under options.

Optional Extras:

Double Heddle Kit which enables more complex pattern weaving.  Do not forget to order an extra reed as well.

Reeds available: 2.5dpi – 5dpi – 7.5dpi – 10dpi – 12.5dpi and 15dpi available in all widths of Knitters Loom.  Please state width requirement when ordering.

Note: dpi = dents (meaning holes and slots over a given area – for the various diameters of warp yarn used to set up your Knitters Loom.)  One inch = 2.5cm.

Varident Reed Kit is when you want to weave thick and thin warp yarns at the same time.  Selection of 5 and 10cm/2” and 4” wide 2.5dpi – 5dpi – 7.5 dpi – 10dpi – 12.5dpi and 15dpi.  (dpi = dents per inch).  Available in all widths of Knitters Loom, please state your loom width when ordering.

Knitters Loom Stand

"Sue offers a personal service and like to speak to our customers - please contact us to learn more"