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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Sue Chitty. I have had a passion for handspinning, weaving and dyeing all my adult life, earning my Bradford Diploma in Handspinning and Weaving in 1985. I started my business in 1990 to enable me to share my skills and expertise, specialising in teaching how to spin on a wheel or drop spindle or weave on various looms.

Following a course, it is a simple step to purchase the famous Ashford range of specialist equipment. As an official agent for the New Zealand manufacturer. Ashford wheels were first made in 1934 by the owner Walter. The most popular, Traditional wheel can be found throughout the world and over 350,000 have been sold. www.ashford.co.nz

My aim is to provide a friendly and relaxed personal experience for all customers, whether beginners, those with some experience or those of you with advanced skills.

I am here ready to help you whether you want to start afresh spinning or weaving or upcycle your skill level, or refurbish your present Ashford equipment or just need advice. I am always happy to answer email queries or chat about your requirements.

With increased energy bills looming and thoughts of how to keep warm this winter, an Ashford Spinning Wheel works with your own effort – your foot pedalling. So learn a new craft skill, keep warm and create yarn for something that suits your wardrobe.

When you book a one to one course, your continued good health is the priority. See above right, NEWS and

Covid 19 for latest details.

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“I learnt so much about wool as well as the basics of spinning from Sue’s knowledge and experience. I was provided with the confidence that I can go home and create beautiful yarns. Day 9 after the course spinning Alpaca top. Sue is there if I need support and I will be enrolling in her dyeing course. Highly recommended by myself.” Terri – April 2022.

I had a great 5 hour lesson with Sue during which she went above and beyond teaching me how to use one of her beautiful Ashford Spinning Wheels. She applied knowledge about wool in teaching me how to grade the quality of may sheep’s wool, before teaching me the process of spinning into a beautiful sample yarn. I would and have recommended Sue to my friends and family – who have all been fascinated by the process I have learnt – for learning this lovely craft, and I look forward continuing to practice and learn more about it. Thank you, Sue. Abbie – January 2022.

“Thanks for your informative email… you certainly have a very comprehensive knowledge of spinning wheels and all the information which you give is going to be most useful.” Maria – Nov 2021.