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Wet Felting for Wool and Silk Fibres.

Needle Felting for ANY type of Fibre.

Actually a single project might use both techniques successfully.

Wet felting fibres is an ancient craft method used to make items large and small.

Needle felting was devised by industry to felt manmade fibres as the wet method cannot be used. Crafters use needle felting to stiffen felt into 3D shapes. The needle has barbs that catch the individual fibre enabling it to be tangled with other fibres. The technique is very quick, just be careful of the sharp needle point - it hurts!








All of the items below (Felting board, Placemat or bubblewrap) help create a base on which to make wet felt.

The Felting Board by Ashford, being solid has the advantage when felting large pieces of felt. The others are cheaper, ideal for beginners, and are ideal for felting smaller pieces of wet felt.






Learn how to make felt at HILLTOP

There are 2 ways of making felt. The traditional ‘wet’ method or the modern ‘needle’ method. Both have their attractions and detractions, enabling you to create fabulous materials or pieces of art. The choice is yours!

Needle felting allows you to create 3D felt in various forms. The felting needle is barbed and the up and down action ‘tangles’ the fibres to form felt.
The advantages are that no water is used and any kind of fibrous material can be used. However, the needle is sharp so you need to concentrate, otherwise it can be a painful occupation!

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"Sue offers a personal service and like to speak to our customers - please contact us to learn more"