Dyeing Courses

A Natural Dye Course – 4 hours

Natural Dyeing techniques use roots, flowers, berries, leaves, fruits, seeds, bark, heartwood, nut kernels and anything that grows, to obtain a colour on woollen fibre or yarn. The course can be specific so, for example, we could use three natural dye-stuffs indigenous to the UK or three different natural dyestuffs from hotter climates. Before dyeing, the fibre needs to be mordanted (fixed) so that the dye is fixed into it and not just a stain that will wash out. You will be shown how to use three different mordants, according to your requirements. The mordanting and dyeing procedure will be fully explained, as well as Health and Safety issues to be observed.

Course Fee – £100

Easy Peasy Dyes on Cotton, Fabric or Yarn – 4 hours

Shibori or Tie Dye or Paint and Stencil. Preparation is essential for this method of cold dyeing, so please discuss with me in advance.

Course Fee – £100

Easy Peasy Dyes on Wool or Silk

Using a Microwave 2 – 3 hours

On a Hob 4 – 5 hours

Using scarlet, blue, and yellow dyes on wool tops and fleece, the challenge is to create as many colours as possible, dyeing one colour as well as random colours.  Pastel shades and strong colours can be achieved as you choose.  You will learn how to make up a dye stock, use it all for strong colours or use a syringe for the pastel shades.  Other dyeing techniques will be used according to need.

Course Fee – £100 for 4 hours, thereafter £25 per additional hour

Please note that dyeing courses can only take place between May and September and are weather-dependent. In case of rain, I regret that courses will be cancelled.