I have had my two Covid-19 vaccinations and booster vaccination so I am as safe as I can be at present. If you are booked in for a course or wish to visit by appointment, I suggest that we arrange a convenient time, within 24 hours of that date, that both you and I take a Rapid Covid-19 (Antigen) Self-Test (available free from a pharmacy when telephoning 119 or going online for a collect code).

If that test is negative then we can safely proceed with your visit or course. I have air conditioning so that will be on to keep the air circulating and if you wish open a window to keep the air moving.

Mask wearing – I would ask that both you and I wear them throughout your visit. I have a see through visor for you to borrow if you wish.

Anti-bacterial spray will be applied on surfaces before your visit. Please bring your own hand wash gel if you prefer to keep safe.

If you require further assistance please let me know by Tel: 01303 862617 or emailing me

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