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    Stay safe and wear a mask as appropriate to your health needs. I have a see through visor for you to borrow during your course to keep you safe. Being creative in these difficult times helps with our mental health and can be added to our creative tool kit that will help us distract ourselves from the world problems to create something that we really need or want. It is very rewarding being able to create something from fibre spun into yarn that can be knitted, crocheted, woven, felted. It can enhance your lifestyle as you create a new accessory for your wardrobe that you cannot find anywhere else. The…

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    Special Offer Equipment

    I have renovated/refurbished the following equipment, which means I have replaced the vulnerable areas for example flexible joints, so that the equipment can be used again. I have also cleaned the equipment to make it shine and run smoothly. Ashford Spinning Chair – dark stained wood. £75 New retail price £199. Collect only. Secondhand HARRIS (made in Kent) 60cm/24″ wide 4 Shaft Table Loom with stand. Includes 8 dent standard reed (8 holes per 2.5cm/1″) Outer dimensions of framework – 82cm/32″ wide x 112cm/44″ high x 71cm/28″ long when erected). Stand folds down to 82cm/32″ long x 76cm/30″ wide). Includes shuttles, cross sticks and warp sticks. £450 Collect only. Ashford…